showtime's dexter season 8/final season promotional commercial

Hand-painted blood-splattery promotional ad campaign for final season of Showtime's Dexter, 2013. Winner of 2 Gold and 1 Silver BDA awards

Select draft rounds leading up to the final piece approved by Executive Producer and star Michael C. Hall; a cocktail of acrylic, india ink, pigment, gel medium, and water strategically splattered from via paintbrush and eyedropper onto canvas board. Riding the bus home late one night from the studio after working on this project, passengers scattered away...and I realized that I looked like I was covered in blood :/

Showtime's Oliver Stone's Untold History of the United States

Hand-painted promotional ad campaign titling sequences for Showtime's Oliver Stone's Untold History of the United States, 2012. Winner of Silver BDA Award.

Handpainted unique typeface and spatters (orginally painted at approximately 8"x10" per letter in heavy acrylic on watercolor paper; 24"x30" red and blue acrylic abstract paintings on canvas board; and acrylic on canvas board portrait of the director (cut from final sequence).

greenpoint beer & ale's constant reassurance american pale ale

In 2016, Brooklyn neighborhood brewers Greenpoint Beer & Ale Co. asked me if I would design a can for a new beer to be launched in 2017. So I did! The project inspired me to work on a brand new painting specifically for the can. The resulting design ensured a sure standout on the shelves from all other beers--cans sold out in 2 weeks.

Original 40"x36" Flashe and Enamel Painting on Panel for Label reference; and additional promotional shots